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(For - Hooked nose, Long nose, Crooked nose, Snub nose, Saddle nose, Gap nose)


This is the most demanding procedure among cosmetic surgeries where patients desire a beautiful and graceful nose. This is not only suggested by beauty journals, film and television or beauty forums on the Internet, but found its harmony in the words of the great Leonardo da Vinci, as he dealt with his famous body studies "A beautiful nose should be unobtrusive, not too big, not too small, no way crooked in any direction"

This is mainly because the nose plays a dominant role in one person's face. Anyone who suffers from either one of these, a very large nose or too wide or too crooked or too long or even a hump nose or other conspicuous nose shapes, rightly feels deprived of its attractiveness. This can lead to avoiding social interactions and impairment of the self-confidence.



It does not matter whether the inharmonious nose shape as in most cases is genetic or caused by an accident. Today, rhinoplasty can change it all with great results being achieved in this field in recent years.


Treatment Rhinoplasty / Nose Job for Humpy / Broad or Deviated nose / Nostril Shaping
Purpose Improve the shape of the nose & make it aesthetically pleasing according to the facial features of the patient
Technique Open / Close Rhinoplasty depending on the patient, hidden sutures almost scarless.
Time it takes 1-2 hours
Anesthesia General (patient put to sleep) Completely Painless
Recovery Between 1 to 2 Weeks
Lasts Permanent

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