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(Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)


We use the most advanced, certified and well-maintained laser machinery for hair reduction, skin tightening, skin brightening, double chin shaping, anti-pigmentation and anti-tan.

We take great care to inform the patient about the benefits of each machine and our expert consultants always strive to use only the best combination of machines for the desired result rather than packaging and selling treatments which are unnecessary and financially not viable.

Laser Machines at Mumbai Wellness Centre:

  • IPL - Intense Pulse Light
  • RF – Radio Frequency
  • US – Ultra Sonic
  • IR - InfraRed
Laser Hair

Hair reduction

Laser Hair

With the most modern lasers at the moment, all modern procedures of laser therapy are performed by highly qualified specialists and medical staff. The therapy includes medical treatments such as removal of birthmarks, pigmentation, skin marks, tattoos as well as anti-aging treatments for skin rejuvenation and in particular hair removal. In contrast to many non-physician-operated institutes, every treatment is medically supervised and planned.







Tattoo Removal


Treatment Medical Laser Treatment
Purpose Facial Rejuvenation
Technique Pain-Free Treatment
Time it takes Average 45 min
Anesthesia gel/cream (skin application)
Recovery 5min - 15 min
Lasts 1 months immediate effects

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