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(FOR Baggy eyes, Droopy eyes, Sagging eyes, Sagging eyebrows)



Eyes are the most expressive feature of the face, aging around the eyes is a dead giveaway of whichever decade you're struggling to hide. You can do all the chemical peels you want, re-define your nose and implant a cupid's bow into your lips, but if you have left your eyes unattended, they'll tell a tale on you. Eyes are prone to early and visible decline because the eyelids have some of the thinnest skin on the body, there is less elastin in this area and only a thin band of collagen. At a blink rate of 6 to 12 times a minute, eyelids also get a demanding workout.


Blepharoplasty firms up the eyelid area by snipping off excess folds of skin and by removing fat pockets that have accumulated. Lax muscles can also be tightened by cutting off the excess. Because de-aging the eyes, it can so remarkably change the way your face looks.



The loss of the muscle tone causes the skin on the upper and lower lids to slacken, so that it begins to look loose and to fall in folds. Also the fat accumulation gives a baggy look resulting in the upper eyelid has a hooded appearance and the lower eyelid looks puffy creating what are called as "bags" or "pockets"

Treatment Blepharoplasty / Eye Lid Surgery / Eye bags surgery
Purpose For Tired / Droopy / Saggy / Baggy eyes. Instant age reduction on face by 5-10 years
Technique Eyelid Incision for removal of extra skin / fat in case of eye bags. Incision completely hidden.
Time it takes 1 to 1.5 hours
Anesthesia General (patient put to sleep) Completely Painless
Recovery less than 1 week
Lasts Permanent

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